Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Date Nights

Here is a little reminder to slow down and enjoy life with your loved ones.
Of course a great way to do this is through date nights.

This guy is awesome at surprising me with fun and romantic date nights either at his place or out on the town!!!   While I tend to hit the repeat button (when it comes to food & music, hee hee!) Charles is great at spicing things up by finding new restaurants for us to try.  It's wonderful, I never need to go back and forth a million times make the decision about where to go.  

While life tends to get busy, (as most of you can relate) it's sometimes nice to simply enjoy a bottle of wine and delicious food together in a place where you can just sit and focus on each other and share in wonderful conversation. 

We polished off almost every piece of the chicken flat bread!
We had to leave room for dessert =)
Remember to take the time to read a book together, take long walks, go to a concert, make a meal together or simply watch the stars as they sparkle so bright!!!

Whether you are spending this time at home or out on an adventure, what are your favorite things to do on a date night???


  1. Date nights are the best :) I like quiet dinners or movie nights the best, but anything goes really!

    You guys look like you had a great night out together.

  2. I love Date Nights!! That chicken flatbread looks amazing- yum!

  3. Not a date night thing, although it could be because it's cheap, but when I was with my ex, we used to get up on Sunday mornings, build a fire (in the winter), make avocado and pepper jack cheese omelets, and listen to records. We didn't have to get out of pajamas and it was a nice way to finish off the weekend. I miss those days.


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