Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Festivities

I was kinda bummed this year that most of the pretty leaves were already down as we went around the neighborhoods trick-or-treating with my siblings.  But, there were super cute houses to look at, so it was still okay!

I wouldn't mind living in this one, would you???

Yeah, it was pretty chilly this year!
Charles, you're awesome for finding two pairs of gloves just hanging out in your pockets =) Nicely planned.
Some traditions will continue on.... usually it's just me in the kitchen on Halloween but this year my mother and I worked together to make our favorite Pot Roast from Cooks Country Magazine. (YES, that's why it's so good, because it's from my favorite cook book AND probably because it has 2 cups of red wine =) 
 Here is the recipe for the Slow Cooking Pot Roast which over the past 8 years has become tradition to eat every Halloween.  This is a great recipe to throw in the crock pot in the morning and forget about during the day.  It's always nice to come home from a chilly evening of trick-or-treating to this pipping hot stew all ready to eat!!  Ahhh it's full of the richest flavor with a little kick from the red pepper!!.....are you hungry yet??  I'm glad we have another pot all ready for a second meal tomorrow!!

Ha, ha, I even got this great guy in the kitchen with me.  He's awesome about doing the dirty dishes.  Nice pumpkin colors going on there =)
This year we shared our fun evening of traditions with Charles, Katie and Jason =) 

 What are your favorite Halloween traditions?  Any favorite foods to cook?

Have a fantastic weekend, ladies!!!


  1. I want to live in that house! What a fun tradition! I am so going to make that stew it sounds wonderful!

    Nice job Charles:)


  2. Sounds like a fun Halloween...and I would totally live in that house too!! ;)

  3. That first house is so so cute! Love the porch!


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