Friday, November 16, 2012


Life is that much sweeter when it involves coffee =)

Nespresso is actually running an incredible special right now on their machines!!!!  I just found out that all their machines are 25% off November 16-18.  WOW, I've never seen them on sale like this.  I'm excited that you all have the opportunity to snag one before the Christmas season.  They also carry these machines at Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table .  Sur La Table also has a great offer ~ if you buy a machine you get 6 FREE mugs and FREE shipping!!!

They also make great Christmas gifts =) 

Do you ever feel like you spend way to much money on coffee when you're out and about??? =)
This machine makes delicious espresso and will keep you out of the coffee houses.
Right now they have a limited supply of their Hawaiian Kono and it's amazing!

Nespresso machines are made in Switzerland and the quality and customer service is top notch, seriously. 

It's definitely convenient having the capsules shipped right to your front door.  I never have to put coffee on the grocery list.

And sometimes I cheat and have two of these delightful foamy drinks in one day!!!  =)
But it's the weekend, so it's definitely reason enough to celebrate with a second cappuccino.

Have a lovely weekend prepping for the Holidays!! 


  1. YUM! I have to try the Hawaii Kona!

  2. ooh what a fancy dancy machine!! and i have seen that frothing machine and it is crazy how it actually works for some reason i thought nah it wont work but boy was i wrong!!

  3. Fancy, I don't think I've ever seen that machine before. Look's like it makes a great cappuccino!


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