Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gym Time!

So here is a little love/hate relationship for you.... 
 Yes, you've guessed it, I'm talking about the gym =)

This is the activity that I don't always fully enjoy, but still love once it's over doing.  I'm happier, my spirits are lifted, I feel GREAT and it gives my metabolism that much needed boost we are always looking for but don't seem to find. =)  
It's amazing how a little gym time goes a long way.

Things that motivate me through gym time include pump it up music and these fun and extremely comfortable shoes.  If you've never tried Nikes before I definitely encourage you to do so!
There is such satisfaction during a working out when the sweat drips off your face.  It's like an extreme detox!!!
I really don't have an empty boring gym, I promise!  I just took these pictures late at night when the gym was peaceful and quiet.  
I definitely prefer the coziness of my local gym compared to a huge fitness center, but that's just my preference.  I never feel intimidated by the people in my cardio classes or the daily regulars who know exactly how to use every machine in the gym and who are probably thinking "geesh that girl has no clue what she's doing!"
Best part of all is when you're finished!!!! =)  
To have survived made it through an hour of pain and sweat always feels great.

Working out a few days a week is something that was on my New Years resolution list and is something that I know I need to continue working on along with daily prayer and eating healthy.  It's important to be well balanced in life.  We don't just master some things and move on never having to work on them again, many things get lost in the business of life and need to be brought back into the picture.

As lost as some good habits may be, it's never too late to pick them up again!!!  Don't be overwhelmed.  Start somewhere.  Start really small and work your way up from there.  When we think that we will conquer something huge we tend to get overwhelmed and end up failing, giving up, or never even trying.

Just start and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish one step at a time.  

Have a great day =)


  1. There is only ONE thing I miss about living in an Apartment .... the free Gym! I have a treadmill but have yet to set it up at our house. Hopefully soon (especially now that it's cold and dark after work, so I don't feel like running outside)

  2. So true that you need to start small and work your way up! Trying to do too much just leads to becoming overwhelmed and ready to quit =)

    p.s. Your shoes DO look super comfy!!

  3. is all about balance, and I need to get back to the gym! Thanks for the motivation. ;)

  4. I'm like you I prefer a small, local gym to a huge fitness center. I have to admit, I've been ale king on the fitness front lately and I need to get back into it! Good job sticking eith your gym new years resolution!

  5. Awesome post! We recently got a family membership at our local fitness centre (pool, gyms, classes etc) and I can't wait to start. Your post def motivated me to make that step.
    (love the shoes btw!)


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