Monday, November 5, 2012

Sasha's Haircut

Today was our little baby's ( I can't believe I'm calling her that, I think we are super attached already =) first haircut since we became her proud owners.  Poor thing, as we handed over our super hairy Sasha to to have her hair cut, she was all scared and shaky.  
She was looking like this about a month ago. Kinda shaggy with some pretty crazy hair!
We took her for a hair cut and she came out looking soooo cute, with bows and all.
Sasha got to ride home shot-gun!
 Okay so I'll admit, I wasn't always that big of a dog person, but this little girl has me wrapped around her paw.

And here is the really proud owner, Bernadette!!!  Bernadette and Sasha are in love with each other and are pretty much inseparable.  Just yesterday I saw Bernadette sitting outside in a stroller doing her homework while Sasha sat on the ground next to her patiently waiting for her loving owner.  Most days you will find Sasha adorned in a new baby outfit, no joke!

Good thing we went out tonight and bought Sasha some real clothes!  Now she is all classy in her new Martha Stewart sweater. =)  Ha ha and I never thought dressing dogs could be fun. 
Come on J.Crew, here is the perfect window of opportunity to create the cutest polka dot sweaters ever!!!  

Well I think Sasha is a real keeper, what would you say?


  1. Definitely a keeper! :) My husband and I started off with one dog (that I had through college when I was a single lady haha) and now we have three. They definitely turn into your babies and I don't think I'd have it any other way. Happy Monday!


  2. Hahaha this is awesome! Your just like my Mom she never liked dogs until I got one! Now she is all like what are we going to do when Sassy dies! Sasha is a cutie I love all the bows!

  3. Awe she's so cute, she looks like a completely different dog though!


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