Monday, August 6, 2012

10 years too old : )

Weekends are simply the next best thing to chocolate!  They are perfect for fitting in all those memorable summer activities.  Over the weekend I got together with a good friend from college.   She made AMAZING pizza for dinner and we sat and drank Wine while we caught up on each others lives from the past month.

The weekend was definitely a collage of memorable summer events as Saturday morning started off with a fun trip to Lush and ended with a Demi Lovato concert.  So you might be wondering, yeah, how was THAT concert???  Ha, ha, I had to laugh.  Guess I had just fallen in love with her song "Skyscraper" and was thinking the minute I saw her on the Ravinia schedule "of course I want to go see her in concert!!!" Upon getting there and being swarmed with a billion 13 and 16 year olds I quickly realized it would have been a better concert had I been 10 years younger.  Oh well, I did get a kick out of all the teenage girls flocking the stage and screaming literally the entire time!  Guess I won't forget that concert, but I think I'll also stick to Demi's music on the radio, it's just a tad better : )

Some of my new favorite LUSH products.  Holy cow does the Olive Branch Shower Gel smell out of this world!!! and the Brazened Honey face mask makes your skin glow (literally!)
Yes I'm a passionate person so sometimes I just need my calm.  I love vibrant everything because, really, who would like a boring life anyways, right? : )  This is Lush's new line of makeup, but I'm not sure if I like it yet.
I'm in LOVE with the Alkmaar body soap ~ it's the perfect creamy soap that also smells heavenly!

My baby sitter & I at Ravinia : )  Jeans - Gap, Polka-Dots from Madewell of course!

Sunday morning I spent time with my boyfriend.  He has been working long hours lately and I've kinda missed him ALOT.  We went to church and out for breakfast at my favorite organic coffee house.  The rest of the weekend was spent sitting poolside, reading blogging magazines & writing notes to friends and family!!!  Doesn't get much better than this!
Now I'm all calm, put together (or at least I think I am : ) and rejuvenated for the upcoming week.

Come on Monday, let's get this week started!!!  

How did you spend your first weekend in August?  Did you do anything new or exciting or simply take time for yourself?


  1. I love this! The story about the concert made me laugh haha! thank you for that! I needed it! Well you know hoe I spent my first weekend in August but my second one is going to be amazing so that's okay! I must find a LUSH store ASAP!!!!

  2. Hahaha, Maggie... I love the Demi Lovato episode.
    It's so true that you need to have your recreational time over the weekend before heading into the week. It really does make a huge difference! This is a great post :)

  3. Can't wait for next weekend, Rachel!!! : ) Yes, you must find lush!

    Great hearing from you, Veronica! Yes, Demi Lovato was quite the episode : ) but such fun memories. I hope you had a nice partial last weekend in DC.


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