Thursday, August 2, 2012

Farmers Market & Food

Our downtown is way cute and although it's only a few minutes from home, I'm still discovering it's hidden secrets.  I was driving through town today and saw the farmers market tents which gave me the idea, "why not now? I've wanted to check it out for sooo long!" 
 I abruptly made the decision to quickly pull through a bank, grabbed some cash and headed for the tents.  Being the really hot day it was, we naturally stop at the lemonade stand right off. 
Fresh squeezed lime & lemonade from the local farmers market
We also bought some apple cider doughnuts from our favorite apple orchard who happened to be at the market ~ no coincidence of course.  The perfect treat to enjoy during the olympics tonight.  It's okay to splurge on sweets while watching people workout, right? : ) hee hee

Homemade mojitos, yummy....thanks Sam!

My mom is the best cook in the world, guess that comes with years & years in the kitchen!?!?  I learn so much from her and here is one of the sandwiches that she has perfected:

 incredible tasting tomatoes fresh from the market
Gotta love me some Trader Joes

You can NEVER have too much basil : ) or maybe you can
Finish product ~ is your mouth watering yet????

I love days where things like this happen on a whim.  They usually end up the best.  Nothing can beat a summer Caprese BLT.

Do you have any favorite dishes or summer activities?


  1. That looks SO fabulous!! I'm checking out the farmer's market here tomorrow :))) maybe I'll end up as well off as you!!

    1. I Love supporting the locals & knowing my food will be really yummy and fresh! I have fun, I hope you have a great time! Remember to bring your camera, I didn't have mine with me : (

  2. Is the Barrington one pretty good?? I'll have to check it out!! Do you know the hours?


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