Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Lake

This past weekend one of my best friends drove down from Minnesota to meet up for a long weekend of fun together .... which started out like this:
Drinking honey lattes on the porch overlooking Green Lake ~  sheer morning bliss!
I love how we are always wearing a collective wardrobe of J.Crew, Madewell, Anthropology & Boden : )  Ha, ha great minds think alike.

Summer just tastes sweeter when there are summer shandy & gin and tonics around : )

Summer Shandy has absolutely NO affect on us! Ha ha

Need I say that we relaxed quite a bit this past weekend.  It was da bomb!!!

Oh happy days of summer, I love you oh so much!!! (No offense Fall, I love you even MORE!!!!! =)

Blogging friends with cameras are awesome, especially when they bring you their incredible homemade guacamole....Yummy!!!

Thank you summer for bringing together good friends who love living on the water and playing games until 2 am.  Thank you for being so laid back and relaxing and for being the perfect time to get a sweet tan. ( I only wish it would last a little longer =).  Thank you for allowing us to take the boat out in the dark so we can drink a bottle of wine on water.  You. are. freaking. wonderful!

More to come really, really, soon!

Where is your favorite place to spend summer vacation?


  1. Oh man Maggie! This is AWESOME!!! It was awesome! now lets blow this joint and go have some more awesome fun on the water! I thank you so much too awesome summer:) I should say AWESOME one more time! Awesome;)

    1. Awesome, awesome, awesome times for sure!!! Oh yeah and Rachel, you are one. awesome. friend!!! Just saying : ) Yes, let's grab a few more shots of espresso and go blow this joint ha ha! Water time, here we come.

    2. YOU are one AWESOME friend! You really think I need more espresso??? How many more times do you want me to say awesome!!! Baahaha

    3. WEEEE. RUUUN. ON. ESPRESSO!!!!! : )

  2. I would say this is the perfect end-of-summer weekend!

    1. Yes Erin, It is definitely the best way to squeeze the last little bit out of summer. I enjoy every moment of summer before it gets cold : ) I hope you are too!


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