Monday, August 13, 2012

Sugar Lips

Morning lovelies!! At the moment I'm simply chilling in the place where this blog began.  Wow-wee in looking back I definitely see how far I've come in this blogging adventure and how far I have yet to go.  Ha, ha I'm coming along, slow but sure =)  

Stripes much anybody???  Hee hee Wooops!
Rachels first visit to Sugar Lips
Hmmmm what to drink???  Honey Latte, I think yes!
Good morning cheerfuls =) 

Here is to another amazing year of blogging and making friends in the blogging world!!!  Let's see where this next year takes us.  I can't wait to follow & make more friends on this adventure. Thanks to  my already amazing followers who read my blurbs and posts so faithfully.  You are the best!

Even if you aren't on vacation like me, I hope you all still have a great week!  Stay tuned for a "Mug Shot" post coming soon =) 


  1. How nice! Looks like a lovely place to start a blog :)

    1. Thanks, it really was. I love coming back here every year to reminisce!


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