Monday, August 6, 2012

Notes & Quotes

I think letter writing is the best thing ever, but sadly a lost art.  It is wonderful having friends who really appreciate giving and receiving letters.  This girl is awesome at staying in touch after our college years and ~ oooh yeah that reminds me, I actually owe her one now! (although she says I don't really "owe" her one, I think I kinda do.)  
  I also really enjoy taking the quality time to make homemade cards.  Somehow making them yourself allows you to add personal touches and fills the note with alot of extra LOVE (and who doesn't like to receive that in the mail, I know I do! : )       
Below are some recent samples:

I also fill in my supply with store bought "thank you" notes to have on hand for when I need them.  It's important to have the right tools for the right job & and even better when they are CUTE : )

For all you incredible bloggers and letter writers out there, I'll leave you with an inspiring quote I happened upon over the weekend:
"Your blog is that intimate table in your home where memories are made and moments are captured amongst friends.  Your blog builds credibility by holding it dear and keeping it fresh with your work, your photographs, your stories, and your personality that is revealed with every post.  Don't give up on it by going to that "fast food" restaurant day in and day out." ~ Jodi Ohl

I think that quote speaks volumes and was a personal inspiration reminding me what blogging is really about.  A persons blog should really reminisce from the heart.

All that wonderfulness and deepness aside, I'm half way through all the letters I want to write this week.....better.  get.  writing! Oh great, I'm outta stamps.  Oh darn... I better go get some cute ones!!!  


  1. I love writing letters and try to do it frequently- it just makes things feel more personal. Words and conversations feel more beautiful via snail mail. Love the personal touches on yours!

    1. Thanks for sharing in my love of letter writing! I couldn't agree more; I love reading letters over and over, but e-mails on the other hand can get lost in cyberspace. Plus letter from friends are way better than getting bills! : )

  2. Absolutely agree! Snail mail letters are the BEST! I LOVE LOVE your cards and envelopes! So cute:) Love the quote too!

    1. Thanks Miss Rachel : ) You are the BEST at lovely letter writing. I have one of yours sitting on my bed right now, thank you!!!

    2. P.S. I also LOVE your style of stationary : ) Only the best!


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