Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fresh MILK

 Just so you all know (because I'm sure you all really care about this :), I DO drink raw milk and personally think it's the best!  
I've always been the girl to ask for drinks to be made with whole milk at coffee houses & I'm not afraid of drinking all that "fatty" cream = )   Bring it on baby!!!
Here is a great link with information on the health benefits of raw milk and why pasturized milk isn't healthy for you.

 While I love whole milk, I love organic raw milk even better!  There are so many health benefits to drinking milk in the raw.  I definitely think it is worth the extra money.

Ha, ha, not all these jars were mine!
I was ecstatic to find out that there was a little farm 3 min. from my house where I could get fresh milk.

I swear, this milk makes my coffee taste that much better (and it's not just in my head :)

So delicious.  It made for the best afternoon nespresso cappuccino!  

What is your favorite milk?  It's totally fine if you're a skim milk girl, we can still be friends = )


  1. Totally agree girl! That looks so good!

    1. It is amazing!!! I'm loving this milk : )

  2. Man, Mags! I've been thinking about raw milk lately and wanting to try it! I hardly ever drink milk at all. I'll go months without buying a carton of milk unless I need it for a recipe or cereal! haha. Maybe I'll force myself for the health benefits?! I'm definitely not opposed to whole good fats!

    1. Hey Becs! I just attached a great link ( in this post above) to the health benefits of raw milk. Dr. Mercola's website has a bunch of articles about raw milk that you might like to check out. He also suggests a website that will help you locate a place to find raw milk in your area. You may not even realize there could be a place just minutes away. It is also true that raw milk has a very pleasant taste (for those people not necessarily inclined to drink milk in the first place :) Let me know what you think when you try some!!!

  3. I love raw milk so much! It's $12 a gallon here, but definitely worth it.


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