Tuesday, August 28, 2012

London Days

Anyone want to take a little trip through London with me?  Some of my favorite memories are from studying in Rome my last semester of college.  But before arriving in Rome, my good friend and I traveled to London & Ireland for 10 days!

It rained the very first day we were there and of course I would forget my J.Crew umbrella back in the youth hostel = )  Oh well, I ended up buying the biggest umbrella EVER right outside of Buckingham palace that I ended up using all the time. 

Will & Kate's House = )

If you ever make it to London, Serpentines Bar & Kitchen is an absolute MUST!!!  It is the cutest place ever, located on a lake in Hyde Park.  

An amazing view of Big Ben from the London Eye at night.

We ventured through the streets of Portobello Market all afternoon.

Sooo.....I'm letting you in on a little hidden secret.  Ssshhh, don't tell.  Okay, well someone else told me first, but....If you want to find the best scones with clotted cream & jam in all of London, Teapod is another absolute, no excuses, have to visit place for sure!  

This girl is the best!  It was such a blessing to travel with this dear friend for 10 whole days.  And even better being roommates together for an entire semester in Rome.

Seriously ladies, we sat at Serpentines for hours on end....sipping cappucinos, tea, eating incredible food, journaling all afternoon and watching the ducks in the park.  I love how laid back and relaxed the British people were.  We enjoyed this place SO much that we even went back a second day!

Inside Serpentines Bar & Kitchen
Love this girl =)

We finally found Pimms & Lemonade!   So delicious.

Ahhhh... seriously, I was overwhelmed by their unbelievably cute markets!

Oh Yum, I'm drooling again!  Not only was this scone out of this world, but their tea was unlike any I've ever had.  Of course we bought several bags to bring home!

Have you ever seen so many people simply relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors?  I think I could live here =) 

Hopefully one day I will go back with my friend & my mum!  I'd love to take this trip all over again.  I'm sure I would discover so much more the second time round.

Have you ever been to London?  If so, do you have any favorite places or things to do there?  Please, let me in on your little secrets so I can enjoy them next time I go back. =)


  1. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This post! It looks absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to go one day;)

  2. I know, pack your bags girlfriend = )

  3. This makes me want to visit London again!! I haven't been since high school and I'll just say that was ages ago! :-)Just came over from Tammy's blog. Following you now! Would love for you to visit our blog sometime. Hope you have a great day!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Thanks Jayme!
      I know how you feel, even though it's been more recent than not since I've been to London. I would still love to go back again soon! Thanks for following me over here. I love your blog and am following you ladies back =) Can't wait to read more!

  4. This is the great thing about blogs! You can look back years later and appreciate the wonderful words, memories, etc. of an event. Thanks for documenting it. I loved reading it and being taken into the world of memory!


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