Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mug Shots

Oh brother, what will people think of us!  "Mug shots" was the perfect combination of espresso & a "little" photo shoot =)  Sunday I spent a good portion of the morning in Mugs with Ray Band ( aka Rachel) and some of my siblings.  It is the cutest local organic coffee house near Green Lake.  

Well, it's kinda become tradition that we spend at least one morning here.  Thanks to a very patient and loving brother (who pretends to hate enjoy taking a million pics of us) we end up with quirky shots like these:

I think we should definitely order one of these to go!  Cause we REALLY "need" it : )

Well hello there little cutie!  Bella with her hot chocolate


I can't wait to take Charles here when he comes up to see me this weekend!!!  I love that my boyfriend can appreciate coffee like me =)  Good thing, I know.  

Thank Heavens for Mugs coffee house!

P.S. Oops, I have a confession to make.  I am not addicted to coffee or anything, but I have to admit that as I sit and type this post about Mugs coffee, I am currently sitting in Sugar Lips coffee house AGAIN!!!!   In my defense, it is grey out and super rainy, so it's only appropriate to be in a warm coffee house right now, right???


  1. If this isn't the cutest post EVER I don't know what is! One of the best mornings ever! We are so "Normal" haha I can't wait to do it again:)

    1. P.S. Yes your brother definitely hates being paparazzi....NOT! The best is when he takes one and starts laughing and says we look terrible and just keeps taking them:)


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