Thursday, August 16, 2012

She is coming back!

This girl is freaking awesome!  Although she has to drive 5 hours to get here, she is coming back to the lake house this weekend.   While I live in Chicago and she lives in Minnesota, this will be record for us to see each other 4 times in one year!!!  I love how Rachel puts in caring effort to make things happen and does things spur of the moment, literally.  

She came and spent this past weekend at the lake house and nonchalantly said "hey, I should totally just drive back up next weekend too!"  That being said, it was already a done deal.  She is coming back!  I'm extra excited because she will finally have a chance to meet my boyfriend, Charles.  

Yep, we are prepared to have loads more fun together this upcoming weekend!  Of course I'll post to prove it (I promise I'll try NOT to make you jealous).

Hope you are all enjoying your last weeks of summer!  What are your last plans for the season?


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    1. You are so sweet Maggie! I have to say Maggie is the exact same way! You are great at putting in the effort to make our plans to see each other happen!

      I am so freaking excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to meet Charles too, earlier than expected! You better have your party pants on when I get there! Because we are living it up Ray Band style! hehe

      Your the best girl!

      P.S. I love what you did with the coloring on these pictures!


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